Another Exciting product introducing valor rum!!!

Splice the Mainbrace!! Exciting Announcement from AVA and Wildcat Brothers Distilling!!!
We introduce to you Valor Rations Rum. Aged over both French and American Oak, it has a mild earthy and nutty flavor, with notes of vanilla and even creme brûlée.
✅ This rum is a direct partnership with the Acadiana Veteran Alliance (AVA), and with every bottle purchased, $30 will be used to fund veterans’ WORK and HEAL programs.
✅ This is a special release and only 200 bottles will be available.
✅ Each bottle is signed by Capt. Meaux, who is on the label. Preorder your bottle now on our website, and come pick it up Saturday, July 31st at Gator Cove from 1-4 pm, where we will be celebrating Black Tot 2021.




About AVA

Acadiana Veteran Alliance was formed to build new economic development and industry WITH veterans, and fund PTSD healthcare treatments FOR veterans.

The Mission of the Acadiana Veteran Alliance (AVA) is to unite Acadiana-area veterans, Acadiana veteran-owned businesses, and all Acadiana-based companies for a common purpose; supporting veterans in our Work, Heal and Give phases of assistance

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